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Creating order in the mind: Borges’ paradoxical mirror

  • Eduardo Mizraji

JOURNAL OF GENIUS AND EMINENCE, 5 (2) 2023 Article 7 | pages 97- 107
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Article Copyright © 2023 Eduardo Mizraji

ISSN: 2334-1149 online
DOI: 10.18536/jge.2023.03.27

Creating order in the mind: Borges’ paradoxical mirror

Eduardo Mizraji

Group of Cognitive Systems Modeling, Biophysics and Systems Biolog y Section, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de la República, Uruguay


In this essay we propose, based on the ideas of L. Rapkine and J. Monod on the physical reasons for aesthetic appreciation, that the interest of creative scientists in Jorge Luis Borges’ works is produced by an apparently contradictory effect: on the one hand, the serenity that these texts induce in the mind of an innovative person and, on the other, the modification of the cognitive balance that causes the complexity of these texts and that operates as a creative force. We illustrate this idea with the specific case of the story “Blue Tigers”. We show that this text by Borges, in a reader who is sensitive to it, injects information that puts the mind in a state far from the level of cognitive equilibrium. When it comes to solving a scientific problem, the search for new ways to solve the problem is enhanced by this condition in which the cognitive balance is cancelled. That is the condition in which the creation of new ideas seems possible.

Eduardo Mizraji | Group of Cognitive Systems Modeling | Biophysics and Systems Biology Section | Facultad de Ciencias | Universidad de la República | Montevideo, Uruguay
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