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A Visual Epistemology of Readymade

  • Christophe Schinckus


Article 5 | pages 5363

Issue Copyright 2020 Tinkr

Article Copyright 2020 Christophe Schinckus

ISSN: 2334-1149 online

DOI: 10.18536/jge.2020.01.05

A Visual Epistemology of Readymade

Christophe Schinckus

Taylor’s University, Malaysia


The enunciation of the words “All” “Ready” “Made” auditory forms the adverb “Already” that actually defines the essence of a readymade. This article presents several intertextual recontextualisations of this notion are proposed through a re-narrativization of readymade (wordy) components. This collection has no other intention that unloading the concept of readymade by using art to think about art and acknowledging therefore the art’s capacity for self-reflection and auto-theorizing in line with recent call for the development of an artistic research.

Keywords: Readymade, Enunciation, Duchamp, Differance

Christophe Schinckus | The University of Georgia | 254 Park Hall, Athens, GA 30602-6205.

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